Julie A. Cockburn

Media & Print Production Services for Entrepreneurs

You are a busy entrepreneur, out there working with clients, marketing like crazy, and making things happen! Right? You barely have time to get the really important stuff done, let alone spend a week editing that video, or creating the layout for that upcoming flyer.

I totally get it!

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how time consuming those “little” production tasks can be. That flyer that was supposed to take an hour, has now consumed 2 days of your time. Not fun!

This is where I can help. With nearly 20 years experience in various aspects of media and print production, I can quickly complete what might take you many days to finish – saving you time and dollars.

So, if you’re ready to have someone help you with those nagging not-so-little tasks, take a peek at the services I offer, then use the contact form below to reach out. I look forward to connecting with you!

  • Production and editing for short, documentary and corporate style videos.
  • Layout and pre-production prep for printed materials.
  • Product photography with a natural, approachable style.
  • Professional on-camera or voiceover spokesperson services.

Let’s connect!

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